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Who we are

Our story

Mission, values and beliefs

Inclusion Cayman, formally known as ‘The Special Needs Foundation Cayman’, is an independent, impartial advocacy organization supporting families across the Cayman Islands to promote and defend the rights and interests of people with disabilities. Inclusion Cayman is managed and staffed by allies of persons with disabilities who recognize the issues that people with disabilities and families face and who can assist in strengthening the advocacy and capacity of families.

Inclusion is not a place. Inclusion is belonging everywhere. Inclusion is a commitment to valuing ALL individuals.

Our mission is to support the community in the commitment to cultivating and upholding values and practices that ensure the equal rights of ALL individuals and families, regardless of ability. Inclusion must allow for full access and participation in the communities in which an individual lives and chooses to navigate. Individuals of all abilities deserve to belong and be active members of society, in turn nurturing a diverse village of lifelong friendships and relationships. Supporting all individuals in reaching their full potential is a joint effort of all members of society.

Board of Directors

  • Picture of Nik Tatarkin, Chair, Director since May 2016

    Nik Tatarkin

    Chair, Director since May 2016

    Nik joined Wheaton Precious Metals (formerly Silver Wheaton) in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada, but in the same year was asked to move to beautiful Grand Cayman and head the company’s office there.

    In his current role, Nik oversees all Wheaton Precious Metals international activities which includes frequent travel to various mining operations around the world, as well as helping maintain the company’s strong corporate social responsibility standing. He is a proud dad of the 10-year-old Jovi, and 9-year-old Jana who was born with the Prader-Willi Syndrome.

  • Picture of Scott Haugh

    Scott Haugh

    Joined the Inclusion Cayman Board in 2016

    He is a graduate student, enrolled in the Masters of Non-Profit Leadership program at Washington State’s Seattle University.

    He has 7+ years of experience in the local recovery community, providing resources and assistance to those involved in the legal system due to substance abuse issues. He currently serves as Director of the Southern California based Haugh Foundation, a private charitable giving organisation dedicated to issues specific to U.S. Veterans and children with developmental disabilities or other special needs.

  • Picture of Daniel Reid

    Daniel Reid

    Has been on the board since 2016

    Daniel holds a Bachelors (BBA) in Management Information Systems and an Associates (A.Sc.) in Computer Science from the Florida International University.

    Daniel has over 15 years’ experience in the Finance/Technology industry, 10 of which he has served in a senior or management role. Mr. Reid, is an active member of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, past president of the Leo Club of Grand Cayman, and Final Five recipient of the YCLA (Young Caymanian Leadership Award) in 2007.

    Having a son on the ASD spectrum has provided Daniel with a unique perspective of the gaps in policy and resources available to children and adults with special needs on island. As such, he has a vested interest in bettering the lives of all persons with disabilities in the Cayman Islands and has been actively involved with Inclusion Cayman for over three years.

  • Picture of Samantha Tibbetts

    Samantha Tibbetts

    Has been on the board since 2010 and in the field of education for 20 years

    She first trained as a classroom teacher, serving for many years in South Florida and Grand Cayman.

    Samantha then went on to obtain a master’s degree in educational leadership and a master’s degree in human resource management. During the past 15 years in Grand Cayman, she has held many leadership roles which include being the founding principal of Grace Christian Academy, the Director of Education Connection Ltd., and the Director of Teacher Education and Acting Dean at ICCI.

    In all of these roles, she saw students struggling to learn with traditional teaching methods in traditional classrooms. This motivated her to find alternatives and research other methods. She has attended various conferences with the International Dyslexia Association and the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation and has received specialised training in many research-based programs including Wilson Reading Systems and Lindamood-Bell.

  • Picture of Sergio Micucci, Treasurer

    Sergio Micucci

    Treasurer; Sergio has been a member since January 2017

    Sergio is a Chartered Financial Analyst working for Strategic Risk Solutions (Cayman) Ltd. Sergio is responsible for the management and oversight of a portfolio of our Cayman Islands captive insurance company clients, providing financial, accounting, regulatory compliance and general management services.

    Sergio joined SRS Cayman in 2012 as a Senior Insurance Accountant and was promoted in 2016 to an Account Executive. He has 12 years insurance and auditing experience having worked for five years as a Senior Account Manager at Aon Insurance Managers in the Cayman Islands and as a Senior Accountant at KPMG in Toronto, Canada. Sergio has comprehensive technical accounting and financial knowledge of the captive insurance industry having managed the financial and operational activities of captive insurance clients across a variety of industries.

  • Picture of David Walshe

    David Walshe

    David has been on the board since 2015

    A co-founder of skymineUAV, a drone company that embraces a higher perspective toward utilizing unmanned aerial technology to improve our world. With an MSc in Global Marketing, David’s prime focus is on the business development sphere of skymineUAV.

    His management style is based on three core values; integrity, honesty and teamwork. David learned the importance of these values while serving as an elite Royal Marine Commando and has witnessed how vital they are to success.

    David has acted as a Marketing Strategy Consultant for Inclusion Cayman, including assisting in the production of powerful content to help with fundraising efforts. David’s time, albeit sometimes limited due to the complexity of his profession, is fully committed to helping ensure Inclusion Cayman achieves its long-term goals.

Our Staff

  • Shan Harriman


    As a mother of a daughter with complex disabilities, who has over 25 years’ experience working in the financial industry as a certified accountant, Shan brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to Inclusion Cayman. Her own personal journey with her daughter has provided her with a solid understanding of what barriers parents are faced with, and has given her direct insight into the importance of living an inclusive life. As a generational Caymanian with deep roots in the community, Shan is committed to promoting inclusion within our islands and ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal opportunities to live a productive life.

  • Picture of Melanie Coffey, Inclusion Specialist

    Melanie Coffey

    Lead Inclusion Specialist

    As the Lead Inclusion Specialist, Melanie oversees inclusive education, recreation, employment, and family support services. She has worked with individuals with disabilities and their families for 23 years, and is a family member to persons with disabilities. Over the decades, her work has spanned 3 countries and has been focused in public and private education, homes, and community based work. Her work is centered in her passion for advocacy and belief that inclusion is a basic human right for ALL individuals.

  • Picture of Lynne Currie, Inclusion Facilitator

    Lynne Currie

    Inclusion Facilitator

    Lynne holds a BSc (hons) in Psychology and a MSc in Global Mental Health and identifies as an ally of persons with disabilities. Lynne is passionate about Disability Justice and advocating for the rights of all persons with disabilities. Her main focus is Parent Support & Advocacy, working with recreation providers and families to establish more inclusive offerings and the Rotary Employment Partnership.

  • Heather Thompson

    Heather Thompson

    Inclusion Specialist

    Heather shares her passion for inclusion across all facets of life and in her role as an Inclusion Specialist. She has gained valuable knowledge and experience in implementing inclusive practices in the classroom as a teacher, and continues to be a vocal advocate. Heather is excited to support the community and its members as they embark on this inclusive journey.

  • Ileann Powery

    Inclusion Facilitator

    Ileann is a new member to the Inclusion Cayman team having joined the organization in November 2021. She has worked and volunteered in multiple local schools in 2017-2018 where she was introduced to the reality of the importance of Inclusion specifically in the classroom. She strongly believes in the movement of Inclusion within all aspects of life and is excited to help contribute to the lives of those we get to reach.