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Inclusive Employment

Inclusive Employment

Rotary Employment Partnership

The dreams parents have for their child with a disability are no less than the dreams they and other parents share for their children without disabilities – to have every opportunity for a career, have a meaningful role, be a contributing member of our society, earn an income and be valued as community members. Persons with disabilities share the dreams of their families. Deserving of opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Unfortunately, the majority of Caymanians with disabilities are unemployed or underemployed.

For those individuals without disabilities, a good job helps to give purpose to life, and concretes a valued place in society. Imagine if, as a result of a disability, through no fault of your own, you were relegated to a life on the sidelines. Rotary and Inclusion Cayman are working in partnership with businesses and our broader community to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities – to create the kind of possibilities that contribute to the fullness of community life. Inclusion in community life today creates better communities for everyone tomorrow.

We work in partnership to:

Create real paid jobs for people with disabilities within our business community. There are so many different companies in Cayman that pride themselves on diversity – but when we think about diversity it includes disability! Inclusion Cayman will provide the resources, expertise and on-the-job supports to ensure a successful outcome.

Educate employers and employees
Employers and employees will learn how to sustain and facilitate the successful inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce! Individual Rotary members may also consider the possibility of creating employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. This initiative allows for Rotary Clubs and members to directly and personally make a wonderful and powerful difference in the life of a person with a disability.

Educate the community
The community needs to learn more about the potential of persons with disabilities and the value of creating real jobs – paid jobs. The partnership develops resource materials that is shared with businesses and the broader community.